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Outlook Extension

Pandemic changed how we work fundamentally. Whether we are working in the office, at home or hybrid it crucial that we stick to a certain discipline.
We developed "Outlook Extension" to better understand time spent when it comes to meetings, their efficiency, and to build certain rules, notifications to improve them if necessary.

Define No-meeting Time Notifications

Have warning notification if a user is sending a meeting request within the no-meeting timeframe. Timeframes can be custom defined.

When sending a meeting request which is in after hours or lunch time show a warning notification.

Meeting Content Warnings

When sending an empty meeting request without any body content the extension can ask to fill required fields.

When cancelling a meeting without an explanation the extension can request a brief reason for the cancellation. 

Meeting Habit Change Warnings

Send a reminder notification as an email or popup message if no response received for the meeting request that is going to happen within 24 hours time. 

To conduct efficient meetings the system can set meeting time limit rules and if a request exceeds allowed time, a warning notification can be shared.

A notification reminder to the meeting organiser to keep and share meeting notes after.

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