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Organizational Network Analysis

ONA, is the process of analyzing department, employee, and external partner digital communication flow and visualizing all the outcomes on a dashboard to have actionable insights.

Benefit from insights

Have a closer oversight of communication pulse in between and inside the departments

Understand the effects of metrics like work duration, gender, age, location on decision making process

Measure the cost of partnerships, and decide next steps

Inboxage Platform will build your organization's "relationship table", and with this graph, you will have a better view of digital communication among your employees, their clients, suppliers, and partners.

Workforce planning

Support strategic planning of workforce

Measure and plan work place change effects

Data-driven analysis structure enables you to measure optimal efficiency for local and remote working models

Work engagement

The workforce is conducting your organization's success. The employees who are loyal to their positions are the ones who are creating that leverage

Visibility of your employee's sensibility will help you to better encourage them for their contribution

Analysis About Departments

Measure your most valuable asset, workforce

Make decisions by using detailed analytical data

See and control issues before they become a problem

For insights that promote success use Inboxage Organizational Network Analysis platform


(HiPO : High Potential) Discover "hidden stars" in your organization

Deeply analyze your workforce pool

Determine candidates for  "Career-path" and "Manager-potential" planning

Hybrid Work

Organizational Network Analysis helps you to build guidance for getting back to work

Remote work and digital partnership planning

Which work environment (remote, local, hybrid) is the most productive for which department

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