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Inboxage is a data focused
"Employee Analytics"
software platform which provides actionable
"Employee Lifecycle"

Enable cultural change for better efficiency

Empower employee experience

Sharpen your business agility

Optimize your manpower and time

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Meet Inboxage platform that will help your organization to optimize corporate culture and productivity

Information Flow

Work-Life Balance

Process Efficiency

Communication Network

Discover Choke Points

Time Management

Customer Interactions

Potential Risks


Partnership Quality

Organizational Network Analytics

Discover Informal Leaders

Working Patterns

Remote & Hybrid Working


Calculate your Time & Cost gain

Inboxage platform significantly helps to improve factors that directly affects productivity, job involvement, and work-life balance

Inboxage uncovers success factors that are affecting business results 

Inboxage uses the following metrics to analyze how teams are working and collaborating together.

  • Executive interactions

  • One-on-one frequency

  • Executive involvement

  • Leadership accessibility

Employee Life-cycle
  • Employee work hours in the office

  • Networking period

  • Communication with mentors

  • Access to management

Cooperation & Social Effect
  • Peer count

  • Network coverage

  • Isolation

  • External connections

Work Royalty
  • Communication disposition

  • Email frequency

  • Meeting frequency

  • Total focus time

  • Remote working

  • Accessibility to executives

  • Connection count

  • Meeting participation ratio

Work-Life Balance
  • Overtime

  • After hours email traffic

  • After hours meetings

  • Weekend work statistics

  • Work consistency

  • Internal & External interaction network

  • Working hours interactions

  • Single point interaction

  • Meeting duration

  • Meeting habits

  • 1:1 meetings

  • Unplanned, unneccessary and long meetings

Other Factors
  • Custom monitoring capabilities for organizations

Understand behaviour basis
Uncover the value of your data
Improve periods
Use data to increase productivity

From API to common application data silos integrate them in one place.

Consolidate your distributed data with Inboxage.


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