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Email Efficiency Analysis

"You can't improve what you can't measure"
Inboxage Email Efficiency Tool will allow you to analyse your organization email traffic. You can real time monitor, and also take necessary actions to convert each member of your team a high-achiever!

Analyse and improve your email usage

Calculate average email response time in your organization. 

Report how many emails your employees are getting per day, week, and month.

Report how many email are read or not, how many of them are not responded.

Enable workforce planning

View the most busy days and hours in the day in terms email traffic. 

See email traffic "rush hours" for specific users and/or departments which will allow you to better assign necessary workforce.

Define workload thresholds and notification alerts.

Measure and compare different departments email traffic to better understand their workload.

Create a central oversight dashboard for team efficiency

Have a deep visibility of email receive, send and response information, compare this data among the different departments.

Send daily, weekly performance and efficiency report s to department line managers.

Compare different departments email traffic statistics in work and after hours timeframes.

Allow employees to access email intellegince

Every employee (if allowed by the organization) can view their personal report from the Outlook Inboxage Plugin.

Allow employees to see their overall performance compared to the other members within the organization.

Personal performance report will allow employee to see what is working and what is not. This way allows to make voluntary adjustments to improve personal contribution.

Efficient sales teams and satisfied clients

Measure inbound and outbound customer interaction traffic per department

Who is the most contacted customer, at what frequency, average time spent for preparing emails, how many email send for them can be reported in detail. 

Discover the most active and efficient Sales Executives that are in touch with customers and reward them.

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