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Customer Interaction Analytics

Sales are the lifeblood of any organization.
Inboxage "Customer Interaction Analytics" solution helps you to have an oversight of your employee's interactions with customers.

Use insights to have a successful sales cycle

Analyse the effectiveness of employees who are contacting with your clients

Define your critical customers and measure weekly, monthly, and yearly communication transactions

Record patterns of successful Sales Executives

Increase Employee Productivity

Match the right sales executive with customer

Create an effective competitive environment in Sales Department

Discover success Sales Executives and reward their performance

Observe Sales Anomalies

Analyze most profitable customer's metrics

See how much time your team spending on low-profitable customers, and adjust resources accordingly

Evaluate the "Time spent / Profit made" analysis by using customer interactions data

Define sales success and failure reasons

Discover high potential sales team members

Record successful work patterns from your high-achievers and train your other staff based on that data

Analyze metrics like job start day, gender, and age effects on  overall sales performance

Activate internal team competition

Define competition based SLAs to your sales teams

Define rewards for SLA high-achievers on the platform

Enable sales teams to see their progress on "Client Interaction" targets realtime

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